neoStat app-controlled system

neoApp home screen
neoApp geo-location feature
neoApp wireless thermostat control

neoStat is easy to use

The neoStat is an app-controlled thermostat for every room, in every house, to be controlled from your smartphone or tablet with the free neoApp.

  • View the temperatures for all of your rooms on one screen
  • Select a room icon to control the room individually
  • Control multiple homes from one app
  • Pairs with the neoApp with the touch of a button

Control your heating and hot water from anywhere: from your sofa, from your office, or even from the other side of the world.

wifi app controlled

Control from your smartphone

neoStat connects to your smartphone via our cloud servers so setup is a dream and takes minutes: techy words and difficult steps are banished.

location based heating


No more heating an empty home: Geo-location means your heating turns on automatically when you get close to home, and turns off when you leave.

comfort thermostat programming

Comfort programming

How do you want to heat each room in your home? lets you choose the time and temperature for each room, which not only means you are more comfortable, but you save energy.

underfloor heating thermostat

Thermostat and programmer

Gone are the days of having a separate programmer and thermostat - offers both so you no longer have to fiddle with the awkwardly positioned programmer.

frost protection for ufh

Frost protection for your home

Don’t worry we have your home covered. The in built frost protection feature will protect your home against the elements.

neoStat is easy to install

A neoStat for each room, or one for your whole house.

Easy to install has a discreet, low profile style that only requires a standard back plate and normal wiring.

Simple to use touch controls, can be set and programmed as soon as it's fitted.

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neostat backing plate wiring