Control systems - App-controlled

The Quantum app-controlled system provides users with the ultimate in room control. It allows fully-programmable room control either in-room or via a smartphone or tablet.

The system provides users with the ability to easily control temperature levels in each room, set individual time programs for each zone, and access the information and control remotely, which is ideal for unexpected occupancy or second homes.

The room controls have enhanced functions including setback, which enables users to set a minimum temperature level, and the self-learning optimal start function, which improves both comfort and efficiency.

Each thermostat controls the flow of water to each control zone via the system’s wiring centre, through low energy actuators positioned on the manifold. The wiring centre also controls communication between the system and the heat source.

Key system characteristics:

  • Accurate time and temperature control of each zone
  • Remote access and programming via smartphone or tablet
  • Self-learning and energy saving optimum start
  • Setback temperature setting
  • Keylock feature
  • Geo-location
  • Boiler and pump switching with boiler interlock
  • Low energy actuation on each circuit
  • Wired and wireless option available
Control systems - App-controlled
Control systems - App-controlled
Control systems - App-controlled
Control systems - App-controlled