Self-build renovation

Underfloor heating case study

Products: TileFix®-18 and SUPERflex™-12

The Continal team was contacted by a homeowner who wanted to add energy-efficient, warm-water underfloor heating to the dining room and kitchen of his four-bedroom detached home.

What should have been a simple specification was made more complex by the fact that each room had a different type of floor construction, so he needed to find a single system that could easily provide sufficient heat through both floors.

He also needed to have the system installed the following week, meaning that there was a very tight timescale to get the correct system specified, designed and delivered to site – something he was concerned about being able to meet.

The homeowner’s heating engineer recommended he contact Continal Underfloor Heating, who listened to his needs and were able to advise him on the type of system that would be most suitable – a TileFix®-18 overfloor panel system using SUPERflex™-12 pipe at 100mm or 150mm centres.

The solution

This overfloor system is suitable for any floor construction, meaning it could easily be fitted over two different types of floors in the property. Once fitted, the homeowner would be able to tile directly on top of the system with either ceramic, porcelain, marble or stone tiles using a normal flexible tile adhesive, so he could get the exact finish he wanted in the room without having to compromise on his design. The TileFix® system is a super-high compressive strength board (500kPa).

“The turnaround time was very important, and the reassurance that I could have the system on site the next week made this installation possible.”

The result

The homeowner was particularly impressed with the proposed solution, and with the reassurance from his dedicated Technical Sales Adviser that they would be able to supply the system within the very tight turnaround time.

He then ordered the designs through Continal’s FastTrack service, receiving the quote just under three hours later. Once he could clearly see the layout of the underfloor heating system, he was happy with the design and placed the order to be delivered to site the following week.

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